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“Envision, Engage, Empower: Leading Sport Governing Bodies with Premier Coach Education,
Sport Development, Communication, and Digital Solutions.”

Our Services

We offer specialized services in education, sport development, marketing & communication, and Web/AI for sport governing bodies. We provide expert guidance and our mission is to lift the burden off your shoulders.

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Education &
Instructional Design

Our comprehensive suite of services includes curriculum development, instructional design, content creation, eLearning development, LMS configuration and management, and advanced training and facilitation. We excel in providing high-quality sport and coach education, fostering professional growth and development

Sport Development

Our services focus on coach development programs, youth development programs, and elite athlete development. We deliver expert program development, enhancing coaches’ leadership skills, nurturing young athletes with age-appropriate training, and optimizing elite performance with advanced methodologies.

Marketing & Communication

We help sport governing bodies amplify their influence and reach members with branding and visual design, program promotion, translation and proofreading, content and copy expertise, digital marketing, social media management, and integrated sports marketing. Our targeted strategies and compelling content ensure your organization stands out, widens its audience, and engages its community.

Web & Technology

We support sports organizations with website development, maintenance and hosting, technology consultation, and AI and automation solutions. Our custom WordPress websites are visually appealing and user-friendly. We keep your site secure and fast, provide expert tech consultations to optimize operations, and leverage the emerging power of AI and automation to streamline processes and enhance productivity.

Who We Work With

We proudly collaborate with national governing bodies, sports federations, and various sports organizations. The logos below represent the esteemed organizations we support, reflecting the trust and excellence we bring to every project.

Our Process

Our streamlined process guarantees high-quality outcomes, timely delivery, and continuous improvement. By understanding your goals, providing tailored solutions, and executing with precision, we support your sports organization in achieving its objectives efficiently and effectively.


1. Learn

Understand your organization’s goals and challenges.


2. Strategize

Offer solutions and guidance

3. Plan

Outline a detailed plan to achieve your goals.


4. Design & Develop

Create and implement solutions with precision.


5. Analyze

Assess outcomes and provide insights for continuous improvement.


Bowls Canada Boulingrin

Adrenaline Solutions Went Above And Beyond For Us!

“Marc and adrenaline solutions went above and beyond for us. Their attention to detail adaptability and quality products left us more than satisfied. Having worked with them on multiple projects, they continue to be our go-to partner. We look forward to future collaborations with Marc and his team at adrenaline solutions.”

- Jake Schuknecht

Bowls Development Manager
Softball Canada

Deep Understanding of Coaching Effectiveness and Great Expertise in Coach Education!

“I have been fortunate to know Marc for a long time and his valued contributions to Softball Canada on multiple projects. I can unequivocally say that Marc’s deep knowledge and understanding of coaching principles, combined with his understanding of how to deliver that information through sound education methodology, has provided coaches with a deeper understanding of what it takes to be the best coach they can be for the athletes they work with. One of the first things anyone notices about Marc is his enthusiasm for coaching and education and that quickly spills over to all those that he works and collaborates with. While he has been working in this field for many years, you can tell that it is still his passion and he is always looking to learn and improve every day.”

- Hugh Mitchener

MAP - Muaythai Association of the Philippines

Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Model and Coach Development Frameworks (CDF) : A Gamechanger in Philippine Sport!

“It’s an honor to be part of this big project. This CDF (Coach Development Framework) and LTAD (Long-Term Athlete Development model) is a game changer in Philippine sport and a lot will be benefit from it.”

- Nell Jone Astudillo

Muay Thai Association of the Philippines
Softball Quebec

Successfully Completed Multiple Projects: Developed a Long-Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD), The Women’s High-performance Program, and More.

“Coach Marc worked on multiple coach education and sports development projects with us. In particular, he was responsible for the development of our Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model and putting in place a very successful development structure for our women’s high-performance program. He has also been heavily involved in our coach development program (including the NCCP) and conducted many coaching workshops and seminars for us.”

- Chantal Gagnon

Executive Director
Sports Quebec

Instrumental in Our Transition to Online Delivery for Our Coach Education Program

“Marc was instrumental in our transition to online delivery for our coach education program at the beginning of the pandemic. His expertise in pedagogy, understanding of information technology, and experience as a teacher made him a first-rate adviser during the transition. He quickly demonstrated leadership and initiative in the adoption of virtual platforms and tools to facilitate the process and was very generous in sharing best practices with our learning facilitators. Our very rapid transition to online delivery was a huge success.”

- Anny Chandonnet

NCCP and Coach Education Manager
Philippines DanceSport Federation

Sports Need More Good People Like The Great Team at Adrenaline Solutions!

“The team of Adrenaline Solutions compels everyone, through these simple words, to look beyond and underneath the clichés we have in sport. Coupled with their remarkable eye and intuition for excellence, they have tirelessly connected with and brought together individuals from around the world, who share the same commitment to holistic development in sport.

Their work has helped us developed an athlete development framework for our sport and inspired us to use sport to help our athletes become better people!”

- Danella Publico

Philippine Dance Sport Federation
Learning 4 Excellence

Helped provide high quality bilingual education with top-notch translation!

“Thanks for helping out with the project for the PGA of Canada to ensure we can deliver high quality bilingual education to the membership. The videos you created were perfect and the quality of the translation was impeccable.”

- Emma Stodel, PhD

Founder, Learning 4 Excellence

Adrenaline Solutions helped the Philippine Olympians Association evolve and level up its project offerings!

“We are grateful for the support provided by AS to the POA and would not be able to do all that we are, have been and will be doing without them. AS has assisted the POA evolve and expand our project offerings in an excellent and impactful way, helping us level up.”

- Akiko Thomson-Guevara, OLY

President, Philippine Olympians Association
Coach Plus

Thank you for your expertise and the excellent translation!

“Merci Marc! Your expertise and effort are greatly appreciated. Supporting our young athletes is an important venture and it takes a village! These translated videos will no doubt be beneficial.”

- Glenn Cundari

Coach +
Athletes Can

Despite A Last Minute Call, They Jumped In and Delivered!

“We called upon Adrenaline Solutions to help us at the last minute. The AthletesCAN Forum went very smoothly – especially considering how last minute everything was. We really appreciated how Adrenaline Solutions being able to jump in and help!”

- Alicia Renaud-Paquin

Manager of Athlete Projects and Operations, AthletesCAN

3 Years of Excellent Services Helping us Moving Forward!

“The USCCE has been working with Adrenaline Solutions for almost 2 years.  They provide excellent service and resources to support our organizational goals and mission.  Their response time is amazing and in addition to helping us with our existing needs, Adrenaline Solutions has helped us find ways to be innovative by sharing proactive ideas.”

- Kristen Dieffenbach, PhD, CMPC

Executive Director

They consistently deliver high-quality in a timely fashion!

“As a small not-for-profit sports entity, securing in-house expertise for all your needs can be challenging—case in point – graphic design. Enter Adrenaline Solution. We hired them in the fall of 2022 to assist us with our creative design needs – from logos, gifs, and t-shirt graphics to publication design. Their team is fantastic. They consistently deliver quality service in a timely fashion. If you need help creating visually appealing content, no matter how big or small, I recommend contacting Marc and his team.”

- Diane St-Denis

Executive Director
MAP - Muaythai Association of the Philippines

Adrenaline Solutions Developed Great eLearning Modules for Our Coaches!

“Our partnership with Adrenaline Solution allowed us to benefit from high-end and high-quality eLearning modules that our coaches can use to improve and become better coaches. Based on the work they did helping us develop an LTAD model and coach development framework (CDF), these online modules are the fruition of thousands of hours of research, focus group discussions, consultations with experts, and revisions, reflecting our desire to be a more inclusive, diverse, and safer Muaythai community. These learning and development tools are MAP’s gift as part of our legacy in promoting an athlete-centered philosophy and instilling the love of our beautiful sport. I want to congratulate everyone involved in the process for a brilliant and impressive output. You  have our gratitude for making history in the Muaythai community.”

- Pearl Anne D. Managuelod


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