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A Reflection on USCCE’s Foundations in Coach Development

by | Apr 13, 2022

Poster of Coach Noli Ayo, Coach Russell Raypon, and Coach Airnel Abarra in USCCE coach development discussion

Adrenaline Solutions (AS) participated in the 2022 United States Center for Coaching Excellence (USCCE) online workshop last 22-24 of March 2022. The topic was “Foundations in Coach Development”. The event was organised by USCCE President Kristen Diffenbach together with veteran USCCE Coach Developers. It tackled the importance of theory and practice on coach development such as reflecting on how coaches can improve their delivery in terms of providing a clear message to the athletes. AS participants included Co-Founder Coach Noli Ayo, Coach Airnel Abarra, the Director for Sport Research, and Coach Russell Raypon, AS’ Coaching and Mentoring Consultant. 

On the first day, the workshop discussed the value of setting goals for athletes and the importance of possessing strong coaching values. Strong values can create a safe space for athletes too. The facilitators, Ken Martel and Sam Callan, provided enriching learning experiences through interactive breakout sessions and discussions on how coach developers should facilitate aspects of reflection and microteaching.

The second day of the workshop focused on the different “hats” or roles a coach developer wears and how empathic modes of communication can be used in developing coaches and providing better experiences for the athletes. The strategy of Micro-coaching was also discussed as a form of educational experience for coach developers. The participants also  examined how feedback for coach and coach developers should be done in the most effective manner.

The values of the coaching spectrum were the main points on the third day of the workshop. Concepts were presented on how coach and coach developers should define and facilitate learning strategies, especially on the aspect of reflection. Throughout the discussion, there was always time to ask questions and share ideas with the facilitators and fellow participants. One of the most agreeable ideas was that coach and coach developers should allow their students and athletes to find time to seek their goals and ideals and that a positive learning environment is helpful. 

Summing it up, the USCCE workshop enabled participants from Adrenaline Solutions to connect, network, and take inspiration from USCCE’s  Coaching Development experts. There was a balance between experts and students during the event, which provided a unique form of mentorship. AS coaches had exciting new ideas that formed after the workshop. The conversation on coaching development values is very helpful in forming and assisting sport organisations in their respective Coach Development Framework.

-Airnel Abarra
Director for Sport Research
Adrenaline Solutions.

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