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Adrenaline Bolsters USCCE Social Media Strategy and Marketing for Coaching Summit

by | Apr 27, 2022

Cartoon of two people holding logos of USCCE and Adrenaline Solutions to signify coaching summit partnership

When the United States Center for Coaching Excellence (USCCE) needed help with social media strategy and marketing to promote the North American Coach Development Summit, the sports organization turned to their Digital Partner, Adrenaline Solutions.

The Summit is the USCCE’s main annual event. It gathers professionals who educate, develop, train and supervise coaches from across the United States, North America and around the world. It’s three days of interaction, networking, and discussions on practical sport coaching development. The in-person summit will be on June 8-10, 2022 in Spokane, WA and a parallel virtual summit will be held simultaneously.

As Digital Partner, AS will be working with the USCCE to promote the summit on social media and organize the virtual event. Adrenaline Solutions is a sport agency that helps all kinds of sports organizations find success and bring their visions to life. In the virtual space, it’s responsible for the revamp of USCCE’s website and the site redesign of Hoop Dreams Africa.

USCCE’s Heather Sprunger has remarked that, “Adrenaline has been a pleasure to work with…. We value their expertise, reliability, and we truly enjoy working with them.” 

In return, AS coaches value the lessons taught by USCCE in practical coaching. Co-founder Coach Noli Ayo, Director of Sport Science Research Coach Airnel Abarra, and Coaching and Mentoring Consultant Coach Russell Raypon appreciated USCCE’s online workshop on “Foundations on Coach Development”. Coach representatives from AS will also attend the USCCE Summit this June.

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