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Adrenaline for the USCCE Coaching Summit!

Jun 1, 2022

Coaches smiling around a table during the USCCE coaching summit

On June 8-10, Adrenaline Solutions (AS) will be heading to Spokane, WA for the prestigious North American Coach Development Summit. Held by the United States Center for Coaching Excellence, the coaching summit is for all professionals who educate, develop, train and supervise coaches. 

We are looking forward to being there and we encourage our fellow coaches and coach developers to come as well. We have several great reasons to join.

Outstanding Keynote Speakers

Three excellent keynote speakers are coming to the coaching summit this 2022. We are excited to hear and learn from them. First, Stiliani “Ani” Chroni, PhD has explored matters of psychological welfare and mental game – among other achievements. Kaig Lightner, MSW is a queer, transgender person who is introducing a third option for coaching kids according to their drive and ability. Lastly, Zac Crawford is a grassroots coach educator who has guided the training and support of 500+ coach educators. 

Virtual Gathering

It’s not always possible to meet in person because of one reason or another. While AS will attend in person, not everybody can. Fortunately, the North American Coach Development Summit has a virtual summit for those who can’t attend. The online component will try to replicate the in-person experience as much as possible and give participants chances to interact. 

Meet Other Coaches

Two years have never been this long. And it would be an amazing experience to see other coaches in person again. During the 2021 ICCE Global Coach Conference in Lisbon, some of our most memorable moments were simply getting to know more persons who are passionate about coach education. It would be great to experience this again with different people.

To sum up, the USCCE coaching summit has interesting speakers with practical coaching content. There are multiple ways to participate, and most importantly, it has a wide and wonderful community of coach educators, developers, researchers, and scientists. 

Hope to see you there!

For more information, please check the link for the North American Coach Development 2022 Summit.