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Adrenaline Solutions’ Adriana Escobar Enters IOC Young Leaders Programme

Nov 7, 2021

Adriana Escobar, a women in sports advocate, competitive rower, and Adrenaline Solutions Specialist for Advocacy, is the latest member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Young Leaders programme.  

Adriana is one of 25 people chosen across the globe as a Young Leader in the recent search launched in October 2020. “When I saw the opportunity to apply to the program, I didn’t even think twice,” wrote the El Salvador athlete in her LinkedIn post, which announced her election into the program.

portrait of IOC Young Leaders member, Adriana Escobar

The young rower and educator feels “a very strong passion for teaching others, to be their advocate and show them a way to be present.” She also cares deeply about women’s representation. Her passion for advocacy shows through her roles as a representative of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), the Pan American Sports Organization, and as Adrenaline Solutions’ resident advocacy specialist.

“The lack of help or a leader in my life led me to a lot of confusion and frustration in my early years.,” wrote Adriana in her announcement. “Until I was 19 years old (when I started rowing), I was able to feel some sort of comfort and to be okay with not having all the answers. I started having more experiences outside of my bubble, meeting new people and truly experiencing mindfulness. Of course, it wasn’t all rose-colored glasses, but it definitely changed me. Now, I want to share this experience with more girls and young women in my community”

Marc O. Dagenais, founder of Adrenaline Solutions, a full-service agency dedicated exclusively to serving sports organizations, praised Adriana’s inclusion as an IOC Young Leader. “Adriana is a strong, amazing lady who helped many athletes and pushed for meaningful change in sports countless times. It’s why we approached her as our Specialist for Advocacy. We’re very happy that the IOC Young Leaders Programme recognized these qualities that made her special.” 

First launched in 2016, the IOC Young Leaders program empowers talented athletes to make a positive difference in their communities. The recent search attracted over 350 applicants from across the globe. The 25 Young Leaders Chosen will receive expert guidance, seed-funding, and peer-to-peer learning opportunities to realize their own sustainable sport-based social business.

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