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Adrenaline Solutions Co-Founder Marc Dagenais Leads Workshops at Canada’s Sport Leadership Conference

by | Nov 16, 2021

Last November 3, Marc O. Dagenais, co-founder and president of Adrenaline Solutions, spoke at the 2021 Petro-CanadaTM Sport Leadership sportif conference on Leading Remote Teams Effectively.

Marc co-founded Adrenaline Solutions, a global sport coaching agency that exclusively serves sports organizations. It is composed of a multi-disciplinary team of coaches and specialists who love sport and are located in different time zones around the world. He brings decade-long experience of leading remote teams that bring measurable results to sports organizations.

One of the issues that affect athlete and coach training in Canada, the effective use of remote teams has become a hot topic. Working at home has become commonplace among coaches, coach managers, and coach educators because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, working remotely comes with unseen issues and stresses that need to be overcome.

“Coaches and coach developers have to adapt to the new reality.” said Marc,”As leaders, it’s our responsibility to help our teams transition and thrive in virtual remote work environments.”

In the conference workshop which was delivered in both English and French, Marc shared four important points.

  1. Managing yourself effectively
  2. Collaborating with others
  3. Maintaining visibility and connection
  4. Applying best practices in leading remote and virtual teams


Marc has almost twenty years’ experience as a Professor of Physical Education at Champlain College. His extensive experience leading and managing teams remotely was even featured in the media in 2009 regarding the adoption of virtual assistants including on CBC’s The National.

The Petro-Canada Sport Leadership sportif conference is Canada’s annual conference for coaches, researchers, sport executives, and administrators. It consists of three full days of learning, professional development, and networking with the top minds and leaders of the Canadian sport, business, and education communities. It’s organized by the Coaching Association of Canada, which upholds nation-wide standards and ethics in coach education and development.

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