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Adrenaline Solutions’ Founders’ Letter, 2022

by | Jan 5, 2023

Coach Marc Dagenais and Coach Noli Ayo shares their Founders Letter for Adrenaline Solutions

We cannot believe it has been two years since we started our sports agency. In the middle of the great pandemic, the both of us were able to reconnect and do more for us and to the people around us. It was a different way of doing things and we managed to adapt and make the best of the given opportunities and limitations.

We have grown a bit and learned so much. The different people that compose our team brought with them generous talents and perspective – enriching us and the people we serve. We realised how powerful it was to form the best possible organisation and to serve fellow stakeholders in sports across the world. The pandemic did limit our face to face interactions but it never deprived us of the opportunity to create human connections.

As we move forward, we are eager to make what you do in sports easier through our partnership and collaboration. Let us know what AS can do to help you do things better in your team, school and organization. We will be ready to support you and make sure that you deliver nothing but the best in what you do.

As we celebrate the holidays and look forward to another new year, we wish you the best of times. We are happy to see many sports activities going back to a face to face mode. In 2023, we hope to see more sports activities happening. And if being present in them will make it better, AS will surely make ourselves available.

Thank you for making our 2022 an opportunity to grow and to be better. We are inspired by the opportunities to serve you and the rest of our sports community. 



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