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Adrenaline Solutions Holds 2nd Sport Coaching Consultants Quarterly Gathering

Apr 7, 2022

pictures of sport coaching consultants in Adrenaline Solutions

Global, multi-disciplinary, and full-service agency, Adrenaline Solutions (AS) gathered its expanding roster of subject matter experts and sport coaching consultants last March 19.  They met for a night of storytelling, networking, and sharing their passions and advocacy. This is the AS’ second quarterly gathering and the first of the year.

The first AS sports consultants gathering occurred last December 18. This time, 16 were at the event including co-founders Coach Marc Dagenaia and Coach Noli Ayo. The others were:

  1. Violet Jubane (Zimbabwe)
  2. Gabby Severino (Philippines)
  3. Eski Ripoll (Philippines)
  4. Airnel Abarra (Hungary)
  5. Patrick Van Wersch (Netherlands)
  6. Robbie de Vera (Indonesia)
  7. Jenny Blackman (Korea)
  8. Rudolf Jerome Ragay (Philippines)
  9. Koki Nabeshima (Japan)
  10. Arkendu Banerjee (India)
  11. Joseph Gurgis (Canada)
  12. Denise Kamyuka (Botswana)
  13. Erin Kraft, PhD (Canada)
  14. Christian Narciso (Italy)

Coach Noli was once again the facilitator with his signature “adrenaline” style. Once the group shared their introductions, the online meeting went into full swing as the participants talked about what moved them and found common ground with people in other continents.

In his closing remarks, Coach Marc mentioned that he “was energized by these meetings.” He continued that these gatherings “made the world smaller. We’re closer than ever before – although not so much distance.”