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Adrenaline Solutions Holds First International Sports Consultants Online Gathering

Jan 4, 2022

screenshot of Adrenaline Solutions sports consultants in a Zoom call

Last December 18, Adrenaline Solutions (AS) held its first sports consultants online gathering. 21 attended including its two co-founders, Coach Marc O. Dagenais and Coach Noli Ayo. 18 countries from six continents were represented.

The sports consultants ranged from Olympians, national athletes, coaches, academics, writers and sports and peace advocates. Those who attended (plus the country where they were):

  1. Akiko Thomson-Guevara OLY (Philippines)
  2. Airnel Abarra (Hungary)
  3. Nancy Christiaens (Belgium)
  4. Arkendu Banerjee (India)
  5. Robbie De Vera (Indonesia)
  6. Russel Raypon (USA)
  7. Kupa Mukurumbira (Zimbabwe)
  8. Marcelino Lizaso, Jr. (Singapore)
  9. Elesa Zehndorfer, PhD (Austria)
  10. Noli Ayo (Philippines)
  11. Andrew Dawson, PhD (Australia)
  12. Patrick Van Wersch (Netherlands)
  13. Jenny Blackman (Korea)
  14. Mauricio Garzon, PhD (Columbia)
  15. Christian Narciso (Italy)
  16. Meggie Ochoa (Philippines)
  17. Adrian O’Connor (United Kingdom)
  18. Marc Dagenais (Canada)
  19. Adriana Escobar (El Salvador)
  20. Owen Southgate (Sweden)

The gathering was the first chance for the diverse, multiethnic team to meet the others and get to know the team culture of Adrenaline Solutions.

screenshot of Adrenaline Solutions sports consultants with their thumbs up in a Zoom call

Coach Noli facilitated the festivities with his typical “adrenaline” facilitating skills. After a round of introductions, Coach Marc graciously provided an overview of Adrenaline Solutions – how it began as a response to provide coach education during the pandemic and its mission to empower sports organizations with people and expertise to help them achieve their goals. The group was eventually divided into smaller breakout sessions where people could chat more intimately. 

“I’m so excited, grateful, and privileged to have you all in this call,” Marc said. He reflected on the gathered team that, “This is what humans are. No borders, race, age gap. This is what sport does and it’s part of our mission.”

The sports consultants gathering is expected to continue every quarter.