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An Intern’s Growth in Sports Administration

Jul 5, 2022

Nancy Christaens, sports intern and MA student of sports administration

More than 6 months ago, Nancy Christaens was in her home in Belgium while browsing LinkedIn for an internship related to sport administration. And now, she recently finished helping to organize the preeminent coaching development conference in the United States together with leading minds in the field of coach education.


A Fateful DM

The story moved forward when Nancy messaged CEO and co-founder of Adrenaline Solutions (AS), Marc Dagenais. She was pursuing her Master’s degree in Sport Administration at the Russian International  Olympic University, the world’s first university dedicated to sport business education. 

Nancy already understood European sport management practices. Her love of the game  pushed her to volunteer constantly in sports events in Europe. But  Nancy wanted to experience an American style of management.


Adrenaline Solutions and the USCCE

After a few DMs, Marc offered her a part-time project-based internship on the 2022 North American Coach Development Summit. It’s the annual event of the United States Center for Coaching Excellence (USCCE), the organization dedicated to leadership and support for quality coach education and development in the United States. This year, the event was held in Spokane, WA from June 8-10.

The USCCE took Adrenaline Solutions as its digital partner. It meant that the sports agency provided crucial support for its social media marketing efforts and its virtual conference. Nancy was placed as the lead for these efforts and placed under the guidance of AS’ creative and marketing teams.


Into the Unknown

Nancy stepped into the role knowing little about social media management and nothing about virtual conferencing. But she had enthusiasm and mentors at hand who taught her design and content, and offered tips and techs to help her with her tasks. Nancy explains, “I enjoyed the process so much starting from having meetings with the senior marketing expert Carlo Pulido, and the [Creative Director] Nuki Sabio, and having weekly meetings with Eureka Quinto [Operations Director] contributed to me being more relaxed and believing in my own skills. I could always rely on their help, advice, and expertise along the way.”

As June came closer, Nancy grew even busier. Not only was she handling the social media and virtual conference, she was also asked to speak in Spokane among the leading coach developers of America. Her topic was Value in Content Marketing: Using Social Media for Impact in Coach Education and Coach Development.


The Fateful Days

When the event arrived, Nancy flew to the United States. She finally met Marc and Kristen Dieffenbach, President of the USCCE, after having virtual meetings with them for over 6 months. “My favorite part would be to meet the speakers and attendees in person and have meaningful talks with them,” she said.

Nancy Christaens speaking at the 2022 USCCE coaching summit

Looking back on her trip, Nancy remarked, “I enjoyed every single moment while I was in the United States of America. It has been a lifelong dream of mine … and I couldn’t believe I was walking in downtown Seattle and Spokane.”

Nancy’s experience as an intern enriched her life and understanding of sport administration. “[It] taught me to improve many skills such as time management especially with having colleagues [who worked remotely],” she said. By the end, “We were able to work well [as] a team.”