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AS Coach in FEU Sports and Wellness Forum

Dec 2, 2021

Last November 22, Coach Airnel, Adrenaline Solutions Director of Sport Science Research, made an appearance in the Far Eastern University’s (FEU) online forum on Sports and Wellness Coaching During and Beyond the Time of COVID-19

Coach Airnel is perfectly suited to the role of Director and as guest in the forum. He is always in the pursuit of truth, research, and learning. This characteristic has been recognized by prestigious universities where he holds positions as coach or lecturer including FEU as Professorial Lecturer I in the Institute of Education. He spoke on the topic of Trends in Sport Research.

The Sports and Wellness Coaching forum opens the discourse on the continuity of sports and wellness coaching during and beyond the time of COVID-19 Pandemic. The organizers hope to deepen the discussion on alternative and innovative approaches to coaching, trends in sports management, and wellness as part of recovery initiatives from pandemic. 

Aside from Coach Airnel, the forum was graced by the participation of Rommel Lantin, Strength and Conditioning Coach of the University of Perpetual Help System DALTA Men’s NCAA Basketball, who presented Innovative and Alternative Approaches in Coaching, and Geraldine Go-Bernardo, President of the Sports Management Council of the Philippines, who lectured on Trends in Sports Management.

Established in 1928, FEU is the first accountancy and business school in the Philippines. In the realm of sports, the university played a role in the founding of two major collegiate athletic organizations: the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP). A pioneer of adaptive online learning, FEU’s online forums is one of its methods to spread education during the lockdowns.

Watch Coach Airnel here.