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AS Consultants Take Up Sport Management Positions

by | Jul 26, 2022

Akiko Thomson-Guevara OLY and Coach Russell Raypon in higher sport management positions

Things are changing again at Adrenaline Solutions (AS) – for the better. Long-time consultants Akiko Thomson-Guevara OLY and Coach Russell Raypon agreed to take higher sport management positions in the sport development agency.

As a former Olympic swimmer and current President of the Philippine Olympians Association, Akiko used to be the subject matter consultant for Olympic Values. She has traded that position for AS Vice President for International Sports Development

From AS Coaching and Mentoring Consultant, Coach Russell Raypon is currently the Coach Development Manager. He has spent over 20 years as a basketball coach and sports psychologist in the United States. He has decided to focus on Adrenaline Solutions and move to the Philippines to apply his expertise in a country where it has greater impact.

Co-founders, Coach Marc Dagenais and Coach Noli Ayo, have long encouraged the change and welcomed the two with open arms. “We are pleased to have Akiko and Coach Russell play greater roles in Adrenaline Solutions,” said Coach Marc. “Their expertise and knowledge will be invaluable to us and to our clients.”

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