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AS Director Honored to Speak at Singapore Coaching Conference

Nov 9, 2021

Coach Airnel Abarra going to Singapore coaching conference

Figure 1: Coach Airnel in CoachSG Conference 2021

Coach Airnel Abarra represented Adrenaline Solutions at the CoachSG Conference 2021, a Singapore coaching conference, last October 26-28, 2021. 

Coach Airnel, as he is affectionately called, is the Director of Sport Science Research at Adrenaline Solutions, a global, multi-disciplinary, and full-service agency dedicated exclusively to serving sports organizations. Even though he is busy leading the agency’s research efforts, he is also Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Candidate in Sport Sciences at the University of Physical Education, Budapest, Hungary, where he is currently based.

When the opportunity arose to speak at the conference, Coach Airnel was thrilled. “The CoachSG Conference is a prestigious event and it’s a marvelous platform to create positive change in sports.”

Slide presented at a Singapore coaching conference

Figure 2: Adrenaline Solutions’ CoachSG Conference 2021 Presentation

Coach Airnel presented High Performance Sport in the Philippines from the Coaches’ Perspective, which was a collaboration between him, Adrenaline Solutions’ co-founders Marc Dagenais and Noli Ayo, and Mauricio Garzon, Director of Sport Science and Vice-President Latin America. “It was great to collaborate with my fellow coaches. It was like having the world’s sports experts at hand ready to answer every question.”

The 3-day conference was organized by Sport Singapore, a statutory board of the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth. Its core purpose is to inspire and transform Singapore through innovative, fun and meaningful sporting experiences. This year’s conference had the overarching theme of “Sport Reimagined: Thriving Amidst Challenges.”