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AS Friday: World Cup Edition

by | Dec 19, 2022

Image of Soccer Stadium as AS Friday cheers the World Cup

Whilst all eyes are focused on Qatar for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Adrenaline Solutions (AS)  joined the rest of the world to celebrate the world’s most successful single event. 

Qatar is the smallest country to ever host the world cup. A lot of lessons can be drawn from their example as they create unique opportunities for the fans including enabling them to watch more than one match in a single day.

The November AS Friday was organised by Anahit Hovhannisyan and Violet Jubane. The AS team did not only discuss the World Cup games but went further to participate in games to help increase knowledge about the World Cup. Violet, who was also a speaker, shared her first world cup experience in 2018 when she cheered in the stadium during the round 16 match, Russia vs. Spain. Violet shared some of the lessons she has learnt and how this opportunity has helped her to believe in herself.

Most of the AS team had shown little interest in football activities but the team appreciated the event’s lasting popularity. The team discussed the factors that made the World Cup the world’s most anticipated sports event and how these factors can be adopted by the Adrenaline Solutions sports development agency. Anahit, the AS Director of Business Development, couldn’t hide her excitement and her willingness to learn. 

The November AS Friday concluded with a quiz game, which was won by Coach Marc Dagenais, the co-founder of Adrenaline Solutions. AS team members went further to place their bets on the team that they thought would play the finals. 

AS Friday is a monthly event which helps to bring the AS team members together whilst learning about each other and sharing experiences.

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