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AS Holds First-ever Face-to-Face Team Building

May 3, 2022

Poster of AS team building event facilitated by Coach Noli Ayo on April 21 to 24, 2022

Since the company’s conception during the pandemic in 2020, team members spent the past 2 years working together online. They have never met in person. That was about to change however. Last April 21-24, members of the Adrenaline Solutions’ PH Hub finally met each other face-to-face for the first time in a team building activity, called fASe to fASe. The team spent four fun-filled days together in Discovery Suites in Ortigas, Philippines. From this brief but meaningful experience, the team learned very important lessons. 

Importance of Fostering Relationships
With the continued growth of the organization, fostering relationships inside and outside of the company is a crucial part of producing quality work and improving our services to clients. Everyone comes from a different background and has their own experiences. Nevertheless, these differences arm each member with creative and unique skills that ultimately act as an advantage for the company. The team building is just one of the sport agency’s continued efforts to ensure that its members, consultants, and stakeholders get to know each other better to pursue excellence in their work together. 

Creating an Inspiring and Safe Environment
“A safe space does not mean the absence of danger. Danger will always be present. However, a safe space entails that there is always support and encouragement provided within the group that deters the feeling of danger.” – Noli Ayo, Vice President & Co-founder.

Having relationships, whether old or new, does not always ensure a safe space. This is why one of the values that are always being instilled in Adrenaline Solutions is the creation of a safe space or environment for all members, consultants, and clients. Allowing the group to create a safe space allows the stakeholders to share their vulnerabilities, circumstances, strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities, which, in turn, will allow them to have a better understanding of one another. This practice allows everyone to find better ways and alternatives to progress and work together without making anyone feel left out, defeated, and feeling low about themselves. 

At the end of the day, handling a growing and diverse organization is never easy. However, it is the principles of the leaders and the culture of the team that will allow the company to search for its own path to excellence. Providing ways and platforms for people to understand one another is a necessity that will bring growth, foster sensitivity, and add knowledge to everyone. These will form a basis for the values and the culture of excellence that will extend to our clients. 

This face-to-face team building is just the beginning of many possibilities and opportunities for Adrenaline Solutions to further its connections and services. Consultants, team members, and clients are hoped to and will surely continue to meet and deepen their relationships on and off social media platforms to reach global excellence in coaching and athlete solutions.