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AS Sport Planning, Leadership Training, and More in Davao

Jul 9, 2022

Last June, Adrenaline Solutions (AS) Co-Founders, Coach Marc Dagenais and Coach Noli Ayo, met on the beaches of Davao City, Philippines for sport planning. Along the way, they met up with key AS leaders and Mindanao dignitaries.

Sport planning in Davao City: Coach Marc and Coach Noli

Coach Marc went on a world wide adventure at the start of June to help sports and coaching around the world. After speaking at Spokane, WA for the United States Center for Coaching Excellence coaching summit, he headed to Southeast Asia for a speaking engagement at the University of Southeastern Philippines. 

There, he met with Coach Noli who was a facilitator at the event. Afterwards, they headed to Omertà Bistro & Lounge in Davao to have a scintillating dinner with key AS leaders and Mindanao luminaries. The guests included:

  1. Monchit Mackay, Distributor of Nike in Mindanao
  2. Nhoa Caludtiag, Chairman of the Bangsamoro Sports Commission
  3. Giovanni Gulanes, Provincial Sports Director of Davao del Norte
  4. Paul Garcia, Sports and Life Coaching Practitioner
  5. Carlo Sampan, Head of Milo Sports
  6. Stax Savellano, Certified Triathlon Coach
  7. Akiko Thomson-Guevara, President, Philippine Olympians Association
  8. Arnold Lasic, Chief Financial Officer, AS
  9. Eureka Quinto, Business Operations Director, AS
  10. Bernie Jereza, IT Director, AS
  11. Kyra Dimaandal, Content and Curriculum Developer, AS

Sport planning in Davao: Dinner in Omerta

On the second day, the AS team met to strengthen bonds and participate in a leadership training workshop by Lilibeth Arcena, CFO & Senior Consultant of 12 Genesis Global Management. It was held at the Seda Hotel Meeting Room.

The next day was more relaxing. The AS team gathered at the Costa Marina Resort in Samal Island to discuss future plans for the benefit of the coach developers and sports organizations that the sport agency serves. It was also a great time to hang out and build team bonds.

Sport planning in Davao: Beach discussions

As the activities in Davao dwindled to a close, Coach Marc left for the next leg of his world adventure.

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