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AS Sport Researcher Talks on Long Term Athlete Development.

May 12, 2022

A poster of Coach Airnel Abarra on a computer that features his talk on Long Term Athlete Development

AS Director and Sport Researcher Talks on Long Term Athlete Development.
Coach Airnel Abarra, the Director for Sport Research of Adrenaline Solutions, shared his knowledge and ideas on Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) during 1PhysEd.PH’s 2022 Sport Series Professional Learning Community Webinar last April 24, 2022 on its YouTube channel. The online event was attended by an estimated 60 educators and coaches. 

1PhysEd.Ph is a professional training, development, and consulting service provider for Physical Education teachers in the Philippines and beyond. It was founded by Jay R. Beterbo and Joshua Caneda, who both teach PE in the Philippines. The company provides online and on-site sport education programs catering to both public and private schools. 

Perspectives for Grassroots in the Long Term
Grassroots sport programs in the Philippines have different models because it’s a hybrid of a school sport and a sport club-based system. In general, the School Sport system is the dominant grassroots sport program in the country. Situations such as public school teachers performing the tasks of sport coaches are considered normal. It’s common practice to combine the concepts of Sport Coaching Education with the principles of teaching. The situation indicates that there’s a lot of room for growth in the realm of Physical Education.

According to Coach Airnel, PE teachers would benefit greatly from continuous education. Sport Coaching Education should be an important component of it because the added knowledge would be passed on to athletes at the grassroots level. 

In his view, excellence in sport can be achieved through producing competent coaches who believe in the principles of Long Term Athlete Development. These principles empower training and competitions to be planned dynamically at the age level of the athlete while following training fundamentals.

Lastly, he recommends that the curriculum of Physical Education and Sport Coaching Education should be firm on morals and not just innovative and scientific methods in athlete development. These programs should be structured not simply to ensure that young athletes win but to ensure that they become good persons and lifelong learners of sport.

Coaching Education is necessary for sport programs in different sport organisations. It is especially beneficial for grassroots organizations and public schools where hard-working coaches are passionate about the welfare of their student-athletes.

You can follow the link to watch Coach Airnel.