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Adrenaline Solutions is a global, multi-disciplinary, and full-service agency dedicated exclusively to serving sports organizations. Our unique business model, sports specialization and technology mean you can expect more than from a generic agency. We deliver fully integrated sport education, development and marketing solutions to help sports organizations around the world bring their vision to life. Our cloud-based distributed teams are changing the way the sports world works when it comes to coach education, performance, sports development, learning, design, marketing and management solutions. Our team members work around the globe harnessing the powerful digital, cloud-based tools and processes to deliver amazing results and outcomes.
Mindanao Peace Games Book to Launch this October

Mindanao Peace Games Book to Launch this October

A few month’s back, Adrenaline Solutions teased a book about the Mindanao Peace Games (MPG). Now the time has come for the book launch. Coach Noli Ayo’s and Patrick Van Wersch’s collaborative work will be physically released this month and toured in multiple places....