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Coach Marc in Sports Wave Africa

Nov 6, 2022

Coach Marc Dagenais at Sports Wave Africa

Last October 28, Coach Marc Dagenais, Founder of Adrenaline Solutions (AS), spoke online at Sports Wave Africa at their invitation. He talked about Preparing Effective Training Programs.

Coach Marc was one of two speakers on the topic of Preparing an Effective Sports Training Program and Mental Resilience in Sports. The other speaker was Tshepang Tshube, PhD from the University of Botswana who discussed Mental Resilience in Sport.

The event was hosted by John Ogolla, CEO and founder of Sports Wave Africa, a sports development management and consultancy. The organization believes that one well trained coach can impact many lives by producing quality performance from an African athlete. It promotes inclusivity and quality education by collaborating with experts from various sports education fields. These discussions hope to develop African coaches’ technical and tactical capacity to enable them to compete fairly and competently on the global arena.

Adrenaline Solutions is always ready to provide speakers and technical assistance for educational events. Contact us to learn more.