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Coach Mauricio Contributes in Sports Management Book

Nov 15, 2022

Coach Mauricio Garzon is a contributor in a recently published sports management book

Coach Mauricio Garzon, Adrenaline Solutions’ Vice President of Latin America, is one of the contributors in a recently published book, Au-delà du sport, Études de cas en gestion sportive (Beyond Sport, Sports Management Case Studies).

The book was edited and authored by Sebastien Arcand, a Professor in HEC Montréal, and Jerome Bilodeau. It explores the importance of adopting good management practices for sports organizations. By collecting case studies, the authors sought to better shed light on what goes behind the scenes of sports organization and to illustrate their plurality as well as the issues and challenges experienced by each of them. 

There are 18 case studies in total. Each one dwells on very different organizations such as  FIFA and NASCAR.

Regarding his contributions, Coach Mauricio, who returned from a successful speaking engagement in the XIth International Congress of Sports Sciences,  said, “Un privilège d’avoir contribué à un chapitre sur le sport de haut niveau dans un pays émergent. (A privilege to have contributed a chapter on high performance sport in an emerging country.)”

The book can be found here.

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