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Coming Book Launch on the Mindanao Peace Games

by | Aug 6, 2022

Elesa Zehndorfer, Coach Noli Ayo, and Patrick van Wersch publish book on Mindanao Peace Games

After a journey of three long years, Adrenaline Solutions (AS) co-founder, Coach Noli Ayo, and AS Content Writing and Planning Consultant, Patrick van Wersch, will finally get to publish their book on the Mindanao Peace Games (MPG) by October 2022. The plan is to have the book printed and ready before the next Games arrive.

In 2017, before Adrenaline Solutions was established, Patrick was a journalist who came to the Philippines as MPG’s communication specialist. He met Coach Noli, one of the MPG’s convenors, and, over coffee, the two began discussing the possibility of a book about the MPG.

Coach Noli Ayo and Patrick van Wersh together with Mindanao Peace Games leaders and volunteers

The Mindanao Peace Games is an exception among sports for peace movements in the world; it catered to women and empowered them with leadership training. With Coach Noli’s help, Patrick integrated into the MPG and the two wrote a draft. Coach Noli provided his inside knowledge and balanced it with Patrick’s outside perspective. By 2019, the draft was finished and Patrick returned to his home in the Netherlands to find publishing opportunities.

Then the pandemic happened. 

Plans for the book got shelved and the two became busy with other projects. Patrick went back to journalism and furthered his studies while Coach Noli established Adrenaline Solutions, an agency dedicated to serving the needs of sports organizations, with Coach Marc Dagenais

The pandemic also derailed the initial plans of AS but it responded by embracing digital tools to provide sports leadership and coach Education; athlete and sport Development; and marketing and management support. The agency is a proud partner of the United States Center for Coaching Excellence and Hoop Dreams Africa

As the agency expanded, it needed consultants to provide specialized knowledge and expertise. Coach Noli contacted Patrick and the dream of the MPG book was revived. 

But this time, another AS team member, Sport Science Consultant and Senior Writer Elesa Zehndorfer was there to help. Elesa is a published author and Editor-in-Chief of the Austrian-based publisher Blackheath Publishing. Soon, the three made plans to publish the MPG book which will be available later this year in eBook and paperback formats, with a Philippine book launch scheduled in Manila in October.

It’s been a long road for the book. But the AS team came together with their different specialties to make it come to life.

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