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Football for Humanity Joins AS Friday

Dec 15, 2021

Last November 24, Chris Thomas and Belle Tiongco from Football for Humanity (FFH) joined Adrenaline Solutions’ Friday gathering called AS Fridays. The two joined the monthly video conference to share their insights with the global AS team.

AS Fridays are a way for the team to regularly bond despite living in many different parts of the world. The online gathering regularly invites notable sports leaders, coaches, and athletes to join.
This month, the agency invited the co-founders for Football for Humanity to hang out with the team and share more about what they do for sports and for their stakeholders. 

About Football for Humanity

FFH uses the power of the beautiful game of football  to educate, empower and protect vulnerable children in marginalized communities affected by armed conflict, extreme poverty, and natural disasters. The organization uses football as a tool and platform to empower individuals and capacitate them to build and reshape their communities. 

The two co-founders are motivated by the changes that they see in the children. They have seen many that have moved on and used sport to attain education. Chris shared the example of Shanden Vergara, a product of the FFH program who earned scholarships in Manila and then the USA to study and play football.

Adapting to Tough Times

According to Belle, the pandemic initially caused havoc for the charity. Chris had to leave the Philippines, one of the program’s primary operations, and the children were unable to play. Fortunately, FFH was able to adapt and expand in the virtual world. The team continued learning to keep their spirit alive and used their networks to champion the prevention of online sexual abuse and exploitation of children.

The Future

For the next five years, Chris and Belle were optimistic for FFH and eager to expand to an even greater global perspective. Chris is amazed that FFH is in the back of mind of many people on the street. Currently, the charity’s primary programs are in the United Kingdom and the Philippines but they receive invitations to start their program in places around the world. They plan to expand in selected locations and make a difference in more lives.