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Helping with the USCCE Coaching Summit

Jul 21, 2022

Nancy Christaens at the USCCE Coaching Summit

Last June 8-10, the United States Center for Coaching Excellence (USCCE) held its prestigious North American Coach Development Summit in Spokane, WA. As the non-profit organization’s digital partner, Adrenaline Solutions (AS) sent its team members to help, both physically and virtually, in the preparation and execution of the coaching summit. One of the team members who went to Spokane is our very own super intern, Nancy Christiaens from Belgium. She joined the project to know more about the American way of sport conference management.

The summit is a dream come true for Nancy who shared that visiting America was one of her lifelong dreams. She mentioned how surreal it felt that she was able to walk downtown in Seattle and Spokane before proceeding to work with the co-founder and CEO of AS, Marc Dagenais, and Dr. Kristen Dieffenbach, President of the USCCE. It felt especially unreal after having countless virtual meetings with them for over six months. 

Nancy Christaens and Marc Dagenais having breakfast before going to the USCCE Coaching Summit

Excitement and Passion in One
Nancy was the main liaison between AS and the USCCE. Her involvement goes back to January as she wanted to take time to get to know the organizers and the USCCE.  Her main task was to help the virtual side of the event, specifically to handle the backend, schedules, and videos for the speakers and participants. Additionally, she was involved in the digital marketing strategy as she handled the content and graphic designs of the social media platforms. She enjoyed working with the USSCE because she fell in love with their pleasant working culture.

While Nancy had her hands full with the event, she very much enjoyed the experience. At first she was apprehensive. But then she met the rest of the AS team members, who helped her relax and made her believe in her skills. She felt that she could always rely upon their help, advice, and expertise and couldn’t thank them enough for their efforts. 

Despite juggling a full-time job at the Flemish Hiking Federation, Nancy rose to the challenge. She even improved her skills as she multitasked both jobs at the same time. She became more independent, worked more flexibly, and learned a lot about social media marketing strategies. Most of all, she observed the differences in how conferences and summits are organized in America and in Belgium.