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Holistic Solutions to a Changing Sports Landscape

by | Aug 11, 2022

Akiko Thomson, Migs Bustos, Elesa Zehndorfer, Kyra Dimaandal, and Noli Ayo talk about holistic solutions for a changing sports landscape

Elite, high-caliber athletes do not come out of nowhere. 

They are born out of years of getting the proper nutrition, long hours spent on conditioning, and weekly, daily repetition of training aimed at honing their skills and athletic abilities.

The training, it must be emphasized, is purposeful, targeted, and scientific, developing every facet of the athlete that would give her or him that extra bounce, extra stroke, and extra ounce of precision and strength. That is what separates an ordinary athlete from a world-beater.

Akiko Thomson-Guevarra knows all of these by heart. Thomson-Guevarra captured her first Southeast Asian Games gold medal in 1987 when she was just 13 years old. She went on to compete in three editions of the Olympics – in 1988 in Seoul, 1992 in Barcelona, and 1996 in Atlanta. 

Thomson-Guevarra is now the Vice-President for International Sports Development of a sports agency called Adrenaline Solutions which was formed to offer services designed for sports associations to become more dynamic, effective, and efficient organizations and teach coaches how to become more holistic and nuanced in their training approach and methodologies.

Improving the Sports Landscape
Adrenaline Solutions is the brainchild of two accomplished coaches, Ateneo de Davao University’s Noli Ayo and Marc Dagenais of Canada, who saw an opportunity to network around the world with experts in different fields and disciplines. 

Ayo and Dagenais also realized there were gaps in the sporting landscape that needed holistic solutions. These included areas such as sports development and coach education and continuous learning.  

Among the experts the two coaches partnered with is Dr. Elesa Zehndorfer who is the Adrenaline Solutions Vice President for Writing and Curriculum Services. The Austria-based Zehndorder is a fitness and training expert who is also an accomplished author who has already published 5 books. 

From its inception in 2020, the company has been offering multi-disciplinary sports development, education, and business solutions to various sports organizations in the Philippines, Canada, and other parts of the world. 

The AS Roundtable
In a virtual round table discussion facilitated by Migs Bustos with some members of the local media, Ayo, along with Thomson, Zehndorfer, and Adrenaline Solutions content creator Kyra Dimaandal talked about the powerful digital, cloud-based tools and processes they utilize along with the programs and curriculum they offer. 

Among the programs they have formulated are modules which focus on leadership, capacity building, and mental health

Adrenaline Solutions integrates online learning with face-to-face instructions in their work which are not merely limited to sports associations but also are aimed at reaching out to community and grassroots stakeholders involved in sports.

“There are three primary areas that we would like to deliver for our partners, our clients, and they are in the areas of leadership and coach education, athlete development, and marketing and management support,” said Ayo as he expounded on what they seek to achieve in their business and advocacy.

Getting Results
Some of the biggest business enterprises the world over follow the exact same blueprint in their journey to success. They are marketable, values-based organizations which have harnessed both the technical and behavioural competencies of its people and have built a culture of progressive learning and coaching. 

That, in essence, is what Adrenaline Solutions intends for its clients. They train the trainers. They coach the coaches to become more intentional, methodical, and empathetic. They teach organizations to become more professionally-run. They help deepen the bench. These are rooted in the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship, all in keeping with the Olympic values of friendship, respect, and excellence.

Written by Ariel Ian Clarito

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