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Hoop Dreams Africa Announces Partnership with Adrenaline Solutions 

Feb 10, 2022

logos of Hoop Dreams Africa youth sports organization and Adrenaline Solutions sport agencyHoop Dreams Africa (HDA) is a youth basketball development organization based in Zambia. It partnered with Adrenaline Solutions, a global, full-service sport agency that serves sports organizations, to help in its mission of promoting basketball to empower African youth.

The HDA was founded by Francis M. Nakoonje. He saw the power of basketball in Zambia as a tool to mobilize and engage the youth in social and life skills education. Aside from developing basketball skills, the organization supports player education, construction of safe playing spaces, development of life skills, and promotion of female inclusion in sports. It has grown over the years to serve more than 35,000 children and youth annually who participate in sports-based community youth programs.

To promote its mission, the HDA partnered with Adrenaline Solutions. Composed of coaches, athletes, and sports enthusiasts, the agency combines insight into sport with education, project management, and marketing expertise. More importantly, it is committed to creating positive change around the world. The agency is already a trusted partner of the United States Center for Coaching Excellence

The partnership’s first project will be to revamp HDA’s website. As the first thing that people encounter online, a sports website is necessary to promote the organization’s ideals and objectives. A well-designed site can turn visitors into ardent supporters.

Coach Marc O. Dagenais, co-founder of Adrenaline Solutions, praised the partnership, “We’re proud to help Hoop Dreams Africa fulfill its objectives to reach out and empower the African youth.”