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The Integration of Technology with Grassroots Sports

Jun 12, 2023

Summer is here! It’s time to implement our grassroots sports program to identify and develop our future athletes, players, and fans. But have you noticed? Technology has become such a big part of sports. It can be used for training and for organizing. And it’s time for sports organizations to take advantage of the technology.

Wearable Devices. It’s easy to overlook but fitness trackers, like Fitbit and various smartwatches, have become common. While most people simply use them as a reminder to exercise more, the wealth of data that they can collect is a personal trainer’s hidden treasure. The data can be an amazing resource to make informed decisions about training and recovery. Promising athletes found in grassroots programs can be encouraged to use these devices to help trainers assess their development.

Online Training. Mobile apps. Online coaching. Learning Management Systems. These connected platforms offer different ways to teach and monitor players. They can be useful in supplementing grassroots programs by providing training methods outside the field or gym. They can also be used to continue grassroots programs when summer ends.

Social Media. We have already been using them for a long time. Posts and direct messages make it easy to invite people to sports clinics and casual tournaments. But most people only scratch the surface of their functionality. Certain platforms also have event scheduling features to help remind your followers of any upcoming summer events. And don’t forget live streaming videos (e.g.. Facebook Live) and live audios (e.g. Twitter Spaces) provide other opportunities to connect and teach.

From devices to AI, the integration of technology and sports is a welcome change. It’s providing tools for sports clubs and organizations to spread love and training options for grassroots sports. Contact us to learn more.