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IOC Young Leader Adriana Escobar Partners with AS in Women in Sports Project

by | Mar 9, 2022

Women in Sports: Adriana Escobar

International Olympic Committee (IOC) Young Leader Adriana Escobar plans on launching two projects in line with the IOC Young Leader Programme for the fourth quarter of 2022. To help her achieve this goal, she partnered with Adrenaline Solutions, a global agency that serves sports organizations.

Adriana entered the IOC Young Leader Programme last year. The Programme selects promising talents and empowers them to create sports-based initiatives to create positive change. The organization supports them with seed-funding and mentors to help them carry out their plans.

This year, Adriana will launch a book and build an organization for young girls that will help them become active by introducing them to sport. As an elite rower and teacher, these projects are natural extensions of her advocacies, which also include anti-doping

AS is a natural partner for her projects. AS team members have published books and convened female-focused sport movements such as the Mindanao Peace Games. The agency has the experience and the knowledge to help Adriana turn her vision into life.

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