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Keep Email for Marketing Simple

Oct 12, 2021

How to Cut the Buzz and Connect with a Simple Email Newsletter

There’s always something happening in sports. There’s so many that sports organizations can find themselves overwhelmed with news that they want to share. 

While this isn’t a problem in blogs and social media, where space is almost unlimited, email newsletters can feel the pinch. However in 2021, the median Return of Investment, the return on a dollar(!), of emails is 122%! That’s 4x higher than other digital channels. These stats make email marketing one of the best ways to get your message across to your audience, even when they’re swamped by stories in social media, blogs, and digital ads.

woman in front of laptop with coffee

The data makes it clear that email newsletters are crucial. Sports organizations need to email their latest games, academic research, and campaigns for the interest of fans, athletes, coaches, and coach developers. But putting all those together can overwhelm the reader. You need to keep it simple. Here are three ways to do so.

  1. Choose a Single Main Message

Instead of allowing your newsletter to be cluttered with information, choose one message to highlight above all others as your primary goal for the newsletter. Not creating this hierarchy may lead to cognitive load. People won’t be able to take everything in and fail to pursue what you want them to do. 

example of newspaper layout

  1. Give Your Email Newsletter One Main Call-to-Action

Just like newspapers, give this priority message the headline and make it your Call To Action. Write them in big bold letters! This will make it easier for your readers to understand your message. 

  1. Make Use of Your Website to Expand Other Stories

For your other news that you want to share, take advantage of your website.Use the email newsletter to link your readers to it. Using your site gives you more space for the story and linking to it adds to your site traffic. Increasing site traffic will help your SEO performance and if they stay a while to check the website because of the good article, the effects are even better. 

sample email for marketing purposes

There are many other ways to improve your email marketing for your sports organization. Do you need help with email newsletter strategy and design? We’re always willing to listen to your challenges and make informed recommendations. Connect with us!