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Mindanao Peace Games in List of Outstanding Sports Organizations

Feb 7, 2023

Mindanao Peace Games book on a coffee table

Sports Interactive Network (SPIN), the Philippines first comprehensive sports website, lauded the efforts of the Mindanao Peace Games (MPG) in its 2022 list of Sportsmen Who Care.

The organization praised the MPGs efforts to revive peace and sports development after a devastating pandemic. This year, MPG launched a youth forum with 12 young sports leaders with different backgrounds, Muslim, Christian, and Lumad, from six regions in Mindanao. The conference included famous athletes, coaches, and sports leaders such as Akiko Thomson-Guevara OLY, Coach Oliver Almadro, footballer Inna Palacios, and UAAP Executive Director Rebo Saguisag.


Mindanao Peace Games speakers and athletes in formal photo with Coach Noli Ayo, Akiko Thomson OLY, and Rebo Saguisag

Coach Noli Ayo, co-founder of Adrenaline Solutions, is one of the convenors of Mindanao Peace Games. He recently co-wrote a book with Patrick van Wersch about the Games, which offers an amazing insight into its principles and its impact on peace, women’s issues,  and sports. The book can be downloaded from Amazon.


Mindanao Peace Games coaches and athletes in casual photo