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My Reflections on the 2021 ICCE Global Coach Conference

Dec 29, 2021

Airnel Abarra in front of research poster in the 2021 ICCE Global Coach Conference
Photo. The author, Coach Airnel Abarra, beside the Adrenaline Solutions’ poster: High Performance Sport in the Philippines from the Coaches’ Perspective.


I was given the opportunity by Adrenaline Solutions to participate in the 2021 Global Coach Conference organized by the International Council for Coaching Excellence in Lisbon, Portugal  on 17-21 November 2021. I was very excited because this conference was my first actual and on-site experience since the pandemic began. The event was a great success and I’ve enjoyed learning from and connecting with different personalities in the field of coaching education.

I was inspired by  Dr Nicole LaVoi of Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport. She expounded  on the “Role of the Tucker Centre increasing the number of women coaches and participation rates of girls in sport across college campuses in the US”. She pointed out the need for more research in women in sport and coaches should continue to upgrade their coaching standards and values especially for those who are mentoring women athletes.

Another discussion that drew my admiration  was by Dr. Penny Werthner on “Coaches Building a Culture of Excellence for the Olympic and Paralympic Games”. She argued that coaches have the high responsibility of teaching athletes moral values and motivating them to be better because their success is related to their coaches ethical and moral standards of . Her presentation shows the need for continuous coaching education and better coaching education programmes.


Marc Dagenais and Airnel Abarra toast a drink during the 2021 ICCE Global Coach conference
Photo. Coach Airnel Abarra and Coach Marc Dagenais in the National Stadium of Portugal


After more than a year of attending conferences in Zoom, everyone was excited to participate in the social programs with other coaches in-person. The organisers brought us to the National Stadium of Portugal for the conference dinner and the experience was totally wonderful. I was able to network with different experts in coaching education such as  Dr. Frauke Kubichsta who is an experienced Coach Developer from Germany and Finland. My conversation with her on the importance of mind training for athletes was a great starting point on understanding what is necessary to build the right mindset for athletes.

Overall, ICCE 2021 was an amazing experience. The organisers did an awesome job during the event even with the challenges posed by the pandemic. The topics and the people were very educational. Hopefully, participation will become wider next time. When more sectors and communities are represented, I believe the ICCE Global Coaching Conference will become an even greater event for coaching education.