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New Batch of Coaching Consultants Join Adrenaline Solutions

Mar 29, 2022

pictures of new coaching consultants in Adrenaline Solutions

Adrenaline Solutions (AS) continues to grow in 2022. To help our clients meet their challenges, we have added more diverse coaching consultants, subject matter experts, and business specialists into our team. We kindly introduce:

AJ Koikoi
AJ is our new Subject Matter Expert for Sports and Development. He is a Liberian-American who is based in Japan. He founded Danketsu, a sport-plus development program in the rural Chugoku Region of Japan. The AS team first met him when he joined February’s AS Friday.

Dr. Erin Kraft
Erin is a passionate educator who is our Lead for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. She has authored over 20 publications on a vast array of topics including gender equity, coach education, and the LGBTQ2SIA+ community.

Rudolf Jerome Ragay
Rudolf is our new Director of Sales and Business Development. A highly-skilled sales and business development consultant, he’s worked with numerous startup companies in the healthcare and tech fields.

Christian Narciso
Christian is rightfully our Consultant for Youth Sports and Basketball. He began his career helping children get out of the mean streets of Naples through sports. He continues to help children while developing basketball teams across Europe. He visited the team in March’s AS Friday.

Bernie Jereza
Bernie is AS’ Director of IT and Web Development. He has a degree in Information Technology and enjoys utilizing IT to solve challenges in sport management, coach education, and athlete development.

Jennifer Blackman
Jenny is the Lead Coordinator of Health and Wellbeing at Branksome Hall Asia, Jeju, South Korea, which makes her perfect as a Consultant for Health and Mental Well-Being. She has coached a variety of different sports teams in Shanghai, Bangkok, and Nottingham.

Tania Lee Xu Yar
Tania is the co-founder of the Sports Nutrition Academy in Malaysia and our new Lead for Sports Nutrition. She’s a former competitive swimmer and has more than 8-year experience working with elite athletes as a dietician.

Maia Sobejana
Maia is our new Sports Science Consultant. With a strong passion in science and sports, she holds a Research Master degree in Movement Sciences from the VU Amsterdam and is a junior researcher in rheumatology. She also met her fellow AS members in the March AS Friday.

Krystn Orr
Krystn is our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant. She works with individuals who identify with a disability and is passionate about building an equitable, inclusive, and accessible community. 

Denise Kamyuka
Our new Lead in Africa and Manager, Sport and Development is Denise. Like AJ, she met the team during an AS Friday. She’s from Botswana and serves on the board for Hoop Dreams Africa as the Partnerships & Marketing Development Advisor.

Joseph Gurgis
Joseph is the new Lead on Safe Sport and Children Safeguarding. He’s a Safe Sport Manager for Alpine Canada Alpin and has spoken internationally on the importance of safeguarding athletes.

The year is shaping to be a great one. If you want to benefit from one of our consultant’s expertise, feel free to contact us!