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Our Commitment to Safe Sport and Safeguarding

Aug 25, 2022

Kneeling athletes with text reading that Adrenaline Solutions is committed to working towards safe sport for every child

On Safe Sport day, August 8, the International Olympic Committee reaffirmed its commitment to the safety and well-being of athletes.

While athletes may be our heroes and serve as our inspirations, they are also human and, like us, live in an imperfect world. Harassment and abuse are distressingly common. Earlier this year, non-profit child protection think tank, Child USA, reported that not a single investigated institution has strong enough policies to prevent emotional, physical, and sexual abuse of child athletes.

As sports leaders and coaches, we have the power to change the situation. And we encourage every sports organization to adopt the eight international safeguards:

  1. Have a safeguarding policy
  2. Know what to do if you are worried about a child
  3. Provide advice and support to staff and children
  4. Understand and address risk
  5. Agree what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour
  6. Safely recruit and train your staff
  7. Share safeguarding with your partners
  8. Monitor, evaluate and learn

The transformation can begin by taking the Safe Sport Pledge:

“We are committed to working towards safe sport for every child. We pledge to promote the Safeguards through our networks, embed the Safeguards in our work, and support Safe Sport Day.”

Join Adrenaline Solutions and other organizations pledge to this cause.