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About Wala

Wala Nimri is a visual designer whose joy in life comes from putting elements together, coloring them, bundling them into one design, and sometimes animating them! She covers everything from creative design to strategic consultancy. She’s a football for development coach award winner, an active member of the FIFA Fan Movement, and is a change-maker focusing on children and women in sports.
  • Currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Mass Communications
  • Diploma in Digital Marketing, Sponsorship and Communication in Sports
  • California Institute of the Arts on Coursera Graphic Design Specialisation Certificate
  • Design and Visual Communications
  • FIFA GuardiansTM Safeguarding Badges by: FIFA GuardiansTM

Award Winning Future GA F4D (Football for Development) coach by: Generation Amazing and Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy

  • Visual Design
  • Mass Communications
  • Sports Marketing and sponsorship
  • Football for Development
  • Safeguarding and Protection