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Pilipinas Obstacle Sports Federation and AS Renew Partnership

by | Feb 11, 2022

poster for Pilipinas Obstacle Sports Federation Sports and Mental Health Online Certification Program

After the success of the Sports and Mental Health Online Certification Program last October, Pilipinas Obstacle Sports Federation (POSF) partners once again with Adrenaline Solutions (AS) to start another batch for the group heads and team leaders inside the federation. 

Pilipinas Obstacle Sports Federation is the governing sports association for Obstacle Sports, in the Philippines. After the lockdowns hit and deprived people of their normal daily activities, the organization grew concerned with the mental health of its athletes and coaches and decided to act on it.

Through a timely online meeting last 2021 between the POSF President Atty. Alberto Agra, and Adrenaline Solutions’ co-founder Coach Noli Ayo, the partnership began. . Adrenaline Solutions, through its broad consultant network, designed and delivered to the POSF the  Sports and Mental Health Online Certification Program. 

After noticing the program’s positive effects, POSF decided to partner with AS once more. The Sports and Mental Health Online Certification Program will return from January 21 to February 21. 

This time around, the program invited expert speakers such as multi-award winning writer Elesa Zehndorfer, NYFA International Student Athlete Program Head Owen Southgate, international athlete and coach Deborah Spink, and health and well-being practitioner Jennifer Blackman. They will speak on four major topics and areas – Science behind Sports and Mental Health, Creating a Positive Environment for Athletes, Fitness and Sports Towards a Health Community and Creating a Network of Support.

The growing partnership between the POSF and Adrenaline Solutions has resulted in the planning of more online programs for athletes and coaches. In the works are the Leadership Program for Athletes and the Sports and Mental Health Online Program (Batch 3) that will be offered to the World Obstacle, the international federation that promotes obstacle sports.

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