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Promote Women in Sport and Get a Discount!

Mar 10, 2023

illustration of different types of women in action

March is for women! March 8 is International Women’s Day when the world brings their attention to the issues that plague women in business, women in politics, and women in sport.

In many ways, sports has been a man’s game. More men are players, coaches, trainers, and sports leaders. Fortunately, the situation has been changing and Adrenaline Solutions is committed to advancing the change. 

To both honor women and help sports organizations, Adrenaline Solutions will be offering a 10 percent discount for its Virtual Assistants Service. Simply, share this Facebook post, Tweet,  or LinkedIn post where it was announced, share your favorite sport and why, then mention promocode WOMENinSPORT. The promo lasts until March 31. 

Sports organizations face numerous problems, especially small ones. They often have big responsibilities but few, if any, full-time staff that can handle operations. The sport development agency’s service hopes to provide them with help from a full team of experts in graphic design, marketing, event planning, and other useful skills

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