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Reflections from the WADA Athlete Session 2022

Jul 19, 2022

Adriana Escobar in WADA 2022 symposium

Adriana Escobar, Adrenaline Solutions advocacy specialist and ambassador, recently attended the prestigious World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) 2022 Annual Symposium as a speaker. Read on to discover how her dual role as podium-winning athlete and WADA delegate facilitated her ability to contribute meaningfully to the global fight against doping.

Travelling to the picturesque rolling hills of Lausanne, Switzerland, Adriana joined an elite team of 600 WADA delegates in an event titled ‘Raise the Game’. Discussions centred on governance, reform, the need for athletes’ anti-doping ombudsmen, and many other critical and potentially impactful interventions that could positively improve sports doping issues.

Hailing from El Salvador, Adriana is as passionate about sports advocacy as she is about competing. Having already won two bronze medals in rowing at the Central American and Caribbean Games in 2018, she is also a member of the Pan American Sports Athlete Commission, and a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Young Leaders programme. In her day-to-day life, she’s a teacher, educator and ambassador and – of course – advocacy specialist for Adrenaline Solutions.


Adriana Escobar with colleagues in front of WADA standing display

During the anti-doping event, Adriana’s athletic achievements won her a place at the table at WADA’s Education Solutions for the Next Generation of Athletes session. Drawing on her own experiences as a Latin American athlete, Adriana was able to highlight the limitations that she perceived in anti-doping practices within her culture. Her inclusion at the WADA event reflects a wider ongoing policy by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to escalate athlete involvement in such crucial round table discussions. Athletes, the IOC recognise, have always occupied a central place within the heart of the Olympic Movement – so it is crucial that their voice is heard.


Adriana Escobar on the 2022 WADA symposium stage

As a Latina visiting Europe for the first time, Adriana faced some cultural differences during the WADA event that she at first found hard to navigate! You can read more about her experiences here.

Ultimately for Adriana, the work of an athlete does not only reside in training and competition. Athletes should also, in her view, continually network, collaborate, help and inspire each other. In doing so, they stand not only to change their own world for the better, but to change the entire world of sport for the better, too.