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Sport Consultants Christian and Maia Joins Largest AS Friday

Apr 20, 2022

Poster of AS Friday online team gathering with sport consultants Christian Narciso and Maia SobejanaZoom screenshot of Adrenaline Solutions sport consultants and team members

Two new sport consultants visited the Adrenaline Solutions (AS) team last AS Friday! On March 25, Christian Narciso and Maia Sobejana came to the monthly online team gathering to get to know the rest of the team. 

Christian is an Italian basketball coach who dedicated his career to help children get out of the streets of Naples through sports. He loves learning and exploring new cultures which he uses to continuously develop ways for the holistic development of his athletes. Christian is a subject matter consultant for youth sports and basketball. While he is a regular at the AS Quarterly, the agency’s quarterly consultants gathering where they network and share their advocacies, this is his first introduction to the AS team members. 

Maia, a member of the Philippines Rugby National Women’s team, is from the Netherlands and is a new addition to the roster of Sports Science consultants of AS. She is also very passionate about bodybuilding and equality in sports. Maia holds a Research Master degree from VU Amsterdam and is a junior researcher in the field of rheumatology.

The two talked about their stories to a total of 20 AS team members, the largest team gathering to date, with members from the Philippines, Columbia, Indonesia, Armenia, India and Africa joining. To get to know each other more intimately, they were organized into smaller breakout sessions. 

The expanding AS Friday is a testament to AS continued growth. It is hoped that consultants and team members will continue to meet and deepen their relationships to provide clients and partners with global coaching and athlete solutions.