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Sports AI for the Sports Director

Jun 12, 2023

Non-profit sports organizations face constant challenges and a lot of these challenges are only tangentially related to sports. They need to handle a myriad of documents and paperwork, reply to questions, and perform various repetitive tasks. Fortunately, they now have an ally: AI.

With the appearance of ChatGPT, regular people now have a greater ability to write or dictate what they want to a computer using natural language. This is a massive development. Regular people can now do tasks that used to be the domain of programmers and developers.

Naturally, people are enthusiastically discovering ways to put this newfound ability to use. This is especially true in office work. There’s a lot of intelligent people who can’t avoid paperwork and get it done as soon as possible. Here are already some things that AI can do.

  1. Document Management and Processing. Can’t find a document that you know is just there? Just ask. The AI will bring up the document you need and can even make the changes that you want.
  2. Virtual Assistants. Tired of replying to emails, posts, and messages from fans and people who are interested in your sport? Let AI do that for you. It can handle most routine things and you can check if its replies are okay.
  3. Workflow Automation. Stop doing time-consuming jobs. The next time you need to schedule or perform data entry tasks, let the AI do it. It can learn your patterns to perform your jobs efficiently

For understaffed sports organizations, sports AI promises to relieve the administrative burden that they feel today.

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