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Sports Journalist and Sports Manager Join AS Friday

Jun 8, 2022

Sports journalist Migs Bustos and sports manager Violet Jubane in AS Friday poster

On May 27, 2022, the Adrenaline Solutions (AS) team gathered online again for its monthly AS Friday. This time, they were joined by sports journalist Migs Bustos and sports manager Violet Jubane.

Violet Jubane is a sports manager from Zimbabwe. She is affiliated with numerous sports organizations including Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) and the International Olympic Academy. She is passionate about promoting sports business, sport development, and women empowerment in sports. 

Coach Migs Bustos started as a basketball youth coach. While he still loves coaching, his career turned to sports journalism. The career track transformation reaffirmed his love for sports because it enables him to give a platform to athletes to share stories and plays that inspire and motivate people. 

During AS Fridays, AS sport consultant guests are encouraged to share their knowledge and experiences. Coach Migs spoke about the effects of the pandemic lockdowns on his career and how he chose to overcome it initially by helping his high school coach navigate the online medium. He also expressed how he used the time to reflect and find his purpose and his whys in life and job to continue advancing himself.

Violet shared how she loves the relaxing family-friendly atmosphere of sports and how grateful she was for the opportunities for travel that came along with a sports career. She also talked about how sports give her the opportunity to meet diverse people and learn new cultures around the world. 

But the discussions are not just a one-way street. The AS team got to ask Coach Migs and Violet questions during the breakout sessions which led to a more intimate way of getting to know one another. 

The monthly custom of the AS Friday was established to foster team camaraderie.