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Sports Marketing on AS Fridays

Sep 17, 2022

Screenshot of AS Friday with sports marketing lesson

Last August 26, the AS monthly team gathering enjoyed added value by having a quick learning session on Marketing 101. Led by one of AS’ project managers, Kyra Dimaandal, the gathering started off with a disposition check of our members. After which, the esteemed guest for this month’s AS Friday was introduced and was none other than the company’s Sports Marketing and Management Consultant, Robbie De Vera.

The program started off with an interactive discussion about the different ideas and terminologies in marketing and sports marketing. The team members had the opportunity to deepen their knowledge through a Q&A session with Robbie. To further enrich the discussion, the team was divided into groups to discuss the following: the purpose of AS, the goal for AS after 5 years, and the steps needed to achieve that goal. 

The groups were given the time to brainstorm and synthesize their ideas together before presenting them to the main plenary. The exercise enabled the AS team members to align their thoughts and goals for the company. This also allowed the groups to broaden their relationship by sharing and understanding each other’s perspectives and focus about the company. 

This is yet another approach for team members to foster relationships with each other. Through these methods and discussions in the monthly gathering, the company empowers people to grow by sharing insights and deepening mutual understanding.