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Starting the Year Right With an Online Branding Workshop

Mar 29, 2022

poster of online branding workshop with Patrick van Wersch Zoom screenshot of participants in online branding workshop

Last January 19, Adrenaline Solutions (AS) held its first workshop of the year. It was led by Patrick Van Wersch – an AS consultant, coach, writer, and a creative content strategist who has over 10 years of experience in writing, copywriting, editing, and online community building. The online branding workshop was attended by AS members, specifically the Content Development, Marketing, and the eLearning departments. 

The workshop revolved around thinking exercises to flesh out the team’s understanding of the company’s brand and its services. It started individually by letting the members formulate an explanation of the company that can help both outsiders and sportsmen easily understand Adrenaline Solutions.The members were then asked to work together to categorize and link the terms given by everyone. They determined the main ideas and looked for the connections between them. 

The workshop was meant to refresh the significance and purpose of the company to its members. It helped improve their understanding of AS’ brand identity. This can benefit the members when engaging with clients, partners, and prospective members of the AS family – especially since having a strong online presence is essential to a company’s success. As Chum Ocenar, an eLearning specialist, shared in the session, “Since social media is a thing now, and it’s gonna be the same in the next coming years, we have to really establish our presence in social media on all platforms possible. We have to expand our network so we can reach out to more potential clients and help sports organizations around the world.”

The online content marketing workshop is just the start of the many possible online learning opportunities that are in store for the AS team members. As proof, this workshop is extended to a two-part event, with the second taking place in April 2022.