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The Promise of Sports E-Learning

Sep 29, 2021

With digitized study content, real time Q&A’s, smart content, video, and a whole raft of excellent study aids designed to cater to all learning styles, e-learning holds great potential for all sports organizations.

So…how exactly can you directly begin to reap the benefits?

Firstly, recognize the opportunity and grab it with both hands. Ramping up competitiveness from the get-go, e-learning allows your club to source the best, & most cost-effective, flexible coaching awards and courses from the trainers of your choice, regardless of whether they are based in Ghana, America or New Zealand.

It offers learners game-changing flexibility, self-managed learning, awesome guest lectures, downloadable content and the kind of customized approach unheard of previously for all but the most well-funded sports brands. It offers the ability to maximize engagement and enjoyment for your coaches, athletes & federation members in the learning process, enabling you to invest in your talent & benefiting from increased team motivation and skill. Better still, it only requires an Internet connection and does not require a bus, car, travel money or any other barriers that some low income participants might find problematic. It can be fit around work shifts, & slotted seamlessly into daily life in a way that face-to-face delivery simply cannot match.

Second, the sheer breadth of elearning courses available has made it possible to deliver the best training to your sports club, regardless of what you need. Basic first aid, or injury treatment? An intro to physiology or sports conditioning? An online Masters degree in biomechanics? Entry level certificate in sports nutrition? It’s all out there, ready to go, with increasingly competitive price points and ever-growing choices.

Third, it now comes with a major stamp of legitimacy & quality that your organization can benefit from. E-learning, once viewed as a poorer substitute for ‘real’ face-to-face education, now attracts world-leading educational institutions such as Harvard, Columbia and Yale. Quick to recognize the global growth potential, these institutions have invested heavily in e-learning technology, with the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology (HST) programs reporting that the bulk of their student cohorts live in India. This example reflects the explosive growth opportunities available for elearning providers who are now not bound by geographic location or national boundaries. It is a world where being based on the Internet means being based in the front rooms of every learner on the planet.

Another example: pre-med Harvard Medical School HMX online courses, once only targeted at a handful of external applicants alongside all Harvard pre-med students, has now found a far wider online community with little additional spend or effort from Harvard itself. The scalability of elearning is profound, offering profit margins impossible to achieve for face-to-face delivery.

Fourth, it can offer you a major new revenue stream. Organizations like Adrenaline Solutions offer a streamlined end-to-end solution in the development of elearning, marketing & related services for sports organizations across the globe. We enable you to harness your true growth potential, via the development of your own e-learning platform – or via the development of a customized course for your sports club. Whatever your e-learning needs, budget or requirements, Adrenaline Solutions are ready to help – so get in touch if you’d like to hear more.

The Takeaway: eLearning is Here to Stay

Still not convinced? The FA (Football League), International Olympic Committee and English Premier League are all enthusiastic e-learning platform users, while the NFL offers a raft of eLearning-based Life Skills Program courses to incoming college players. One major benefit alongside flexibility & access to more kinds of specialist courses enjoyed by all of these global sports brands is the ability to provide instantly downloadable resources to athletes and coaches seconds after a game, training or learning event that can be tailored right down to the coach or athletes’ playing position; sophisticated post-training video feedback, instantly accessible statistics and data, real-time weather and humidity conditions on playing days, and enhanced and streamlined recruitment. There is, in short, no limit to what e-learning can provide, or be customized to deliver. 

The takeaway? Elearning is here to stay. The growth curve is just beginning and sports teams in on the ground of this shake up in educational delivery are likely to benefit in a major way. So if you want to be one of the major players that benefit, smashing the competition and building your brand, knowledge base & opportunities, contact us today and we look forward to helping you transform the way you coach, learn & practice in a way that suits your vision, needs & budget.