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Why Long-Term Athlete Development Is For You

by | Sep 26, 2021

Excellence. Participation. Growth. Why Sports Federations Need an Long-Term Athlete Development.

International sports federations must adapt to the rapid transformation in world sport, including growing athlete autonomy, or risk losing control of the industry” 

Reuters International 

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The world of sport has changed. In recent years, the Olympic Games was cancelled – a previously unimaginable idea. Social media, TikTok, Snapchat and a whole host of other technological trends have reshaped the ways that the younger generation connect. Mental health crises have blighted our youth, with computer-based tech pulling youngsters ever farther away from sports and toward less active, couch-based pursuits. 

Covid-19 lockdowns even ended spectator sport – for a time – and it might well do so again. Rival federations have begun to appear, with athletes demanding a greater share of profits and revenue from sports events, challenging the balance of power. Governments are withdrawing funding due to pandemic-related economic crises. These events continue to reshape the landscape of sport and highlight the critical need for sports federations to remain nimble to survive.

The question is – as these hurdles continue to rise – will your federation truly continue to prosper – or even survive?

Developing a Long Term Vision

It’s time for sports federations to commit to a vision that allows long term growth, and a truly dynamic, rapid ability to shift focus – a vision that truly takes into account the needs of its athletes, coaches and officials. A vision that unites coaches and athletes, helping & empowering them to react fast, transform, and engage, no matter what the difficulties.

The key to achieving exactly that?

An LTAD (Long Term Athlete Development Strategy).

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What is an LTAD, exactly?

An LTAD – or Long Term Athlete Development Strategy – offers every single coach, athlete, referee & volunteer a roadmap to success. It allows your federation to formalize a uniform, high-quality approach to coaching, where coaches & athletes are all exceptionally clear about how to shine. From the smallest details – such as downloadable training session templates – to the largest – such as developing the most effective multi-level coach certification – an LTAD brings together everybody in your sports world. 

The result? Greater participation. More effective coaching. More committed athletes. And a sport that breaks through the barriers of what it is capable of to change lives on, and off, the field of play. 

From Grandchild to Grandparent

A truly effective LTAD provides an extremely clear blue print as to how an athlete or participant – whether recreational or professional – can engage with the sport at every single stage of life. As a small child splashing in the water, to a grandparent swimming gently to help their arthritis, a sport can bring great joy and health. It is the role of an LTAD to pave the way and make those stages clear. To the young participant who never found a podium win for herself, but who showed coaching ability, an LTAD makes clear to her how she could progress through Levels 1-4 coaching stages and contribute to the sport she loves, in a way that suits her talents. To the promising young athlete, it provides a clear pathway to elite competition. To the small child who loves being active, it provides a way of teaching motor skills and confidence, even if he doesn’t continue with the sport past primary school age. To the teenager struggling with a difficult home life, it is her safe space, and a regular training schedule and club environment that she can rely on to help her through the most difficult period of her life.

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A great LTAD, ultimately, makes clear the role of sport – not only in providing the technical, equipment-focused and logistical support needed to allow the sport to be physically played – but also as a means of boosting mental & emotional health, enabling social interactions, providing a safe space, creating lifelong friendships, role models, confidence and self-identity. 

It also helps your federation safeguard and grow participation – essential to allow federations – and sports – to continue to function. 

The Adrenaline Solutions Solution

We can create your LTAD down to the smallest detail, taking into account who you are as a federation and what matters most to you as a sport. We will help you develop a strategy that engages every single stakeholder – coach, athlete, spectator, official, referee – and allow you to communicate pathways for engagement at every single stage of the life span, in a way that maximizes engagement. No sport is too small, or too big, to develop an LTAD. And we’re ready to create a unique LTAD for your federation, so that you can help your coaches and athletes shine. Reach out if you’d like to hear more!

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