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Club Coach Certification Online

Case Study

Club Coach Certification Online
Bowls Canada

The COVID pandemic stopped everything in Canada — including the certification and training of lawn bowl coaches.

As the governing body responsible for lawn bowls in Canada, Bowls Canada Boulingrin (BCB) needed to think of the future update and convert their existing materials for online use in both English and French.

When the project began on September 2020, Adrenaline Solutions had a lot on their plate:

  1. Update certification content
  2. Merge and streamline documents
  3. Develop online version of in-person training
  4. Trained learning facilitators

5, Marketing support

Thousands of coaches have received Bowls certification and training online. As the ability to play and enjoy sports returns, Bowls Canada ensures that lawn bowl coaches can continue to provide the same high standards of coaching that people expect.