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Case Study

Vancouver Ultimate League (VUL) offers recreational league play for adults throughout the Greater Vancouver area. Every October, they hold an annual Awards Banquet that praises the individuals and teams that contributed the most to the sport during the year. Aside from that major event, VUL requires graphics support for other events, competitions, and tournaments throughout the year.

The Awards Banquet and their other events required considerable graphic support. The awards needed presentation designs, table cards, and posters. While the numerous competitions and tournaments required marketing materials such as revamped logos, flags, stickers, table covers, banners, t-shirts, and more.

VUL coordinated with the Adrenaline Creative Team to design and create the various materials. The coordination was reinforced by constant back-and-forth communication to ensure that each design reflected their brand and vision for the awards.

VUL was pleased with the results of the new graphics. It helped make the 2022 Awards Banquet and other events more exceptional for everyone.

“As a small not-for-profit sports entity, securing in-house expertise for all your needs can be challenging—case in point – graphic design. Enter Adrenaline Solution. We hired them in the fall of 2022 to assist us with our creative design needs – from logos, gifs, and t-shirt graphics to publication design. Their team is fantastic. They consistently deliver quality service in a timely fashion. If you need help creating visually appealing content, no matter how big or small, I recommend contacting Marc and his team.”

Diane St-Denis
Executive Director
Vancouver Ultimate League Society