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Grassroot Appreciation Program Workshop

Case Study

The MVP Sports Foundation (MVPSF) was formed to centralize the sports initiatives of the MVP Group of Companies, which consist of some of the largest telecom and utility companies in the Philippines. One of its main objectives is to deliver a wide range of innovative, quality programs that empower the Filipino elite athletes and engage the next generation of sporting heroes through the partner sports associations. To pursue this goal, the MVPSF is championing the benefits of cultivating the grassroots for sports.


Create a workshop to share the importance of MVPSF’s concept of grassroots to sports leaders and coaches of National Sports Associations.

MVPSF and Adrenaline Solutions took numerous steps to prepare for the workshop. A Grassroot Appreciation Program Workbook along with a worksheet for the participants was developed with content that was painstakingly researched. AS graphic designers sought to create interesting and educational visuals to pair with the content. An eco-friendly online registration form was created for the guests.

On the day itself, program management and facilitation was handled by our co-founder Coach Noli Ayo and invited speakers shared their insights:

  • Marc Dagenais on Long-Term Athlete Development
  • Elesa Zehndorfer on the Norway Case Study
  • Emmanuel Ayo on the OSLP and Networking
  • Akiko Thomson-Guevara on Olympism and its Life Lessons

The participants learned a lot from the workshop. More importantly, they were already sharing their plans to develop the grassroots. Additionally, the participants were also networking to collaborate on future grassroots projects. As the conversation around the grassroots turns to action, the MVPSF is growing closer to its mission of developing world class Filipino sports champions and Adrenaline Solutions is glad to continue to help them on this journey.