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Online Sports Leadership Program: A Podcast

Case Study

The Philippine Olympians Association (POA) represents all Olympic athletes in the Philippines. To promote a sport culture guided by the Olympic Values of Excellence, Respect, and Friendship, it pioneered the Online Sports Leadership Program (OSLP), which gathered Filipino sports leaders and coaches in an online Zoom seminar with Olympic athletes. Wishing to spread Olympic ideals to more people, the POA hoped to transform the long recordings of the seminar into easily digestible podcasts.

Edit video recordings into audio podcasts and develop a social media strategy to share it.

Adrenaline Solutions (AS) worked together with the POA, and volunteers from the Mindanao Peace Games to delineate tasks. The POA held final oversight while the AS team pioneered the project. Script and video editing was shared by the AS team and volunteers while the AS team also took charge of social media strategy and design.

The ongoing project already has more than 10 episodes published. The social media posts continue regularly featuring the Filipino Olympians featured in the podcast. Through these efforts, more people are learning what it takes to be an Olympian. Visit the podcast here!