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The North American Coach Development Summit

Case Study

Every year, the United States Center for Coaching Excellence (USCCE) holds the North American Coach Development Summit to bring together professionals focused on coach development. Sport managers, coaches, coach developers, and sport science researchers are gathered to share practical information about coaching.

The summit had evolved from its roots as the National Coaching Conference in the mid-90s. Social media became integral for its promotion and in 2021, a virtual conference was added to include participants who were unable to travel due to restrictions placed by the pandemic.

The USCCE tapped its digital partner, Adrenaline Solutions (AS), to help create and implement a social media marketing strategy for the summit, to manage its virtual conference, and to provide speakers and facilitators for the breakout sessions.

The USCCE and AS went into consultations regarding social media. A plan was devised together with branding, key visuals, and messaging. During implementation, the USCCE reviewed the content for publication.

In virtual conference management, The USCCE provided the schedules and organized the virtual conference using the Whova platform. It was updated as changes were revealed.

To fill the speakers for the virtual conference, USCCE leveraged AS’ wide network of sport consultants and experts around the world who have considerable experience with online conferences and workshops.

The 2022 North American Coach Development Summit was a splendid success. 150 people took part in the in-person and virtual event who brought back practical knowledge of coach education and training to their respective organizations.