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USCCE Website

Case Study

Website Overhaul
United States Center for Coaching Excellence

The United States Center for Coaching Excellence aims to strengthen the quality of coach development systems across the United States. To promote its objectives, it offers coach accreditation, program recognition, and events and gatherings  in real life  and on online venues. It relies on the website to promote and facilitate these activities. The website was created by volunteers who had limited expertise in web design and it showed.

Improve the website design and add features to aid event registration and membership.

The Adrenaline Solutions web team reviewed the current website to discover how to better arrange the information and user experience for visitors. Afterwards they chose to build a WordPress website to leverage its flexibility in providing different functionalities

The United States Center for Coaching Excellence held a soft launch and is once again helping coach educators and managers improve coach education and training. Please check it out here https://uscoachexcellence.org/