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MVP Grassroots Appreciation Program

Case Study

The MVP Sports Foundation hopes “to inspire, and empower the Filipino athlete towards the first Philippine Olympic Gold Medal while creating a culture of hard work and perseverance for the Filipino people.” Among its many projects in support of that vision, it wishes to raise awareness and appreciation of the development of sports at the grassroots level.

To meet its objectives, the foundation sought to create dialogues with different sports leaders and stakeholders in the Philippines in order to:

  • CHANGE existing mindsets regarding Grassroots Program in sports;
  • CREATE measurable tasks and steps towards clear success indicators in grassroots programs of sports associations; and
  • CONCEPTUALIZE standard action steps for all MVPSF partner organizations to follow and adhere to.

Adrenaline solutions organized an online event. Due to the breadth of topics, it is divided into a morning and evening session. The speakers for the event include Erin Kraft, Ph.D., Elesa Zehndorfer, Ph.D., and Akiko Thomson-Guevara OLY. They shared studies and experiences that demonstrated how social interactions and grassroots participation promote sport.

The participants showed overwhelming support for raising awareness and appreciation about grassroots programs. They left understanding the importance of the community, the need for continuous development, the importance of stakeholders in the sports developmental process, and the unification of sporting organizations to provide a long-term approach for holistic athlete development.